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Yes this for The Darkness lovers

so Apply

here how to do it


The reason I love The Darkness by Jamie:

This guys rock and I love how they are because they don't give a shit.  Justin is hot and sweaty.  I do believe in a thing called love. They bring back the 70s rock with I love.  They have to balls to the wall additude.

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i think its more like 80's rock but yea, they are freaking amazing!

i love the darkness so freaking much i'm like obsessed. i wanna see em so bad...

why dont you join
Can I join this community? I wanna be a Darknessangel! I love the darkness! Why would I like to join...I love the darkness, I love how they have this awesome kind of music that makes you feel good, and i really love that old 80's style rock. And I think Dan Hawkins is such a sexy beast!haha!
yes you can join its for free
i wanna join too..the darkness is awesome!!!!~!i love justin and his slinkster costumes..:)can i join too?
shhyeah that would lovely
I'm a huge fan of The Darkness so I hope you guys/girls have room in this community for one more, because I'd loved to join.